A downloadable hercules for Windows

If you like the game please back us at:


By doing that, not only you support us in the development but also you can buy the game (for $6 or $9) with much lower price than when it's on Steam ($16 to $22).

Also, please help us on Steam Green Light :D


Thanks for your interest in Hercules - The Untold Stories :D an Action Platformer Adventure Indie Game inspired by classics, like Dynasty Warriors, Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia and God of War. Its combat system includes hack-n-slash sequences, mind-boggling puzzles, acrobatic challenges through deadly traps, and the Time-Swap system where you can on the fly travel back and forth between the past and the present.

There're two reason we release this prototype:

1. Showcase for Time Swap - Puzzle feature of the game.

2. We need your comments and feedback, especially for the input that we're not quite pleased with it ourself.


It's quite hard cos you won't have a step by step tutorial to start with, and the puzzle is for level 3, it's like you're thrown right into some challenging parts of the game without preparation, but that won't dispirit you right XD So, try and see if you can solve this puzzle, there's a lil combat before it too so be careful :D

When you get the Golden Wreath, you will see your special code, put it here or on our KickStarter page at:


Each day we will choose a number, and a person to give the Hercules Lottery Prizes to, they're:

- Free Steam key for Hercules - The Untold Stories on Nov 15th 2017.

- Your name will be carved on Athena's wall: Men of Wisdom.

- Your name will be in the game credits also.

When you solved the puzzle, tell your friends and see if they can solve it too that'd be fun! :D


Before downloading, please be informed that this is only a prototype of the game and everything is not final, we're not at the testing and bug fixing yet so although we've been doing it very carefully you might cause bug, please report it to us :D thank you so much. We will continuously tweak and polish the game after each of your feedback, comments, ideas or critics, to make it as best as possible :D

Install instructions

- Extract the Hecules.rar file.

- Run Hercules_Untold_Story_v0.16.exe to play :D


Hercules The Untold Stories - Puzzle Showcase

Development log


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Hello! I had a blast playing your game! Love the Time Swap system and I can't wait to see the game when it's completely finished! I just uploaded a video of it on YouTube, hope you like it!

thank you so much for your time and the video NevahNo, you're awesome! :D I think we should add more hints so it's easier for players to solve the puzzles :D

Hi! This game is a really cool game! I like the concept of the game and would be awesome if more features are added I made a video on youtube in INDONESIAN! Check it out! TERIMA KASIH!


We don't undertstand what you're saying in the clip but it's funny and you look like you really enjoy the game, that makes us so happy, thank you so much for your time Doxuz :D

Sorry for the late reply.. Your welcome! I hope the best for your games! :D

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Going to create a First Impression video of your Demo in a little bit today but I managed to complete it while doing my recording, great job so far guys!

My code is: 0238502D9P1

Wow you did it, that's awesome cos this puzzle is hard :D can't wait to see your video IG4G :D thank you so much for your time and support, your code is recorded :D

It was a challenge but with a little time it was able to be figured out. Here is the video. Looking forward to the finished product!

thank you so much for the video IngeniusG4G :D it's very concise and well done, also I subscribed to your channel, the other videos are also interesting :D

Really Awesome Game, I just won it.

My secret number is: 0038960D22P4

You're awesome, SuperGameBoy :D thank you for trying the puzzle, your number is recorded :D

Thank you.

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I also suck at action-adventure-platformer games :)

But as you can tell, I had a lot of fun playing this!

lol "they see me rolling" you're so funny and smort :D thank you so much for trying Bandi, I've subscribed to your channel also, the other videos are also fun to watch :D

this guy totally enjoy the game, he is so hilarious :)


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the link is awesome switchBuzz :D I really appreciate your support XD

I played your game! Although my computer didn't run the game well, I still enjoyed what I played! I share my thoughts in this video. I hope my thoughts are somewhat helpful. Good luck with the development of the rest of the game. I'm looking forward to it!

thank you so much for your time and effort NLAigis, when you run the exe file there's a small windows where you can choose between resolutions and graphic settings so the game can run smoother, I appreciate all your comments and ideas, they're valuable to us to improve the game, I'll forward this video to the team also.

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Hey there, I've tried to play your game but I'm stuck on the "quick help" page, it wont go away but I can hear sounds as if the game is playing (character is making noises etc). Had to download from the kickstarter page as nothing happens from this one so its ver 0.14 Thanks, Rockape

Edit: Never mind I mashed all my buttons on my controller and now its working :-P

Hi Rockape, you can press RB on Controller or ` (beside button 1) to hide the Quick Help :D thank you so much for taking your time to try the demo :D I hope you like it,

Ahh, sorry. I haven't added controller support yet for the game as I don't actually have a controller of my own! Thanks for the review anyway.


Congratulations for finishing the game you're amazing switchBuzz, :D you can post your secret code here also cos everyone has their own code not the same code :D

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Well i don't have that bug, i've just finished it and i have to say that the graphic is quite neat and the puzzle is really interesting. Hope i will get the Free steam key!!!!!!!

I finished a gameplay of my experience, I'm sorry I was not able to get very far as I was encountering a critical error in the game all the time when my character would freeze and no controls worked. I would very much like to return to the game when you release more of it and hope my video is informative. Love the game and want to play it again. 5/5.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

We are really glad you make a video about our game, there is no word to describe how appreciate we are. :D

Your video looks great, your skill is amazing and we totally love the way you lead the story.
Hopefully we will see more video about our game from you.

About the freezing bug, can you give us more detail so we can find the way to fix it ?
Also your PC specs are very helpful for us to find out the reason, cos we don't have that kind of bug on our tested PCs.
Thanks so much for your time.

exe is looking for data folder 3.12. The data folder is written as .13 so it fails to find it. Obviously, I just changed the typo - but other people might not know or be inclined to do that.

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Hi Whit30.

Thank you very much to feedback to us.

That is our mistake when archive files. Fixed. ^^

We hope you enjoy the prototype and glad the hear your feed back.