Athena, Steam and Ion0X :D

Hello everyone,

How about we start this update by enjoying the beauty of Athena :D~~

The images in Digital Art Book come with much larger resolutions :D let's back DIGITAL DELUXE pack to get the Digital Art Book and support our artists XD

And we're now on Steam Green Light yayy, we have no budget for marketing (all budget is for the game XD) so if you have some free time please help us with the vote and spreading the word, thank you so much! :D

So that's Athena and Steam, but who is Ino0X? :D

That's a Youtuber and recently he made a video about our game, looks like he really enjoys playing the game (which makes us so happy and exciting XD) and the video is quite funny to watch, also since we had the Lottery Winner I think it's no longer a big deal to reveal how to solve the demo's puzzles :D check it out at the attached youtube :D

As always, we've been listening to your feedback and comments to keep improving the prototype, now the new version 0.1.6 is available at the same download link on our ick Starter main page, if you haven't tried the demo yet check it out!

We've been trying our best and little by little, the project is coming to life, this wouldn't happen without all your help so, again, I want you to know how much I value your support and guidance, and I am eternally grateful for everything. Thank you! :D


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May 09, 2017

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